Navigator’s Sextant – Sun and Star movement API


Navigate the skies with Navigator’s Sextant, your go-to API for solar and twilight data. Ideal for navigation, geography, or augmented reality apps, our tool provides the sun’s position, sunrise, sunset, and twilight phases. Get the astronomical insights you need with ease.

Solar Insights

Track the sun’s path with our real-time data on its position. Whether you’re building a simple weather app or a complex navigation system, Navigator’s Sextant gives you the solar details, like azimuth and elevation, that you need for a deeper understanding of daylight patterns.

Twilight Times

For those who need to know the exact moment of twilight—be it photographers, astronomers, or outdoor enthusiasts—our API delivers. Get the timing right for civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight with our precise data.

Day Dynamics

Use our accurate solar noon and day length information to plan activities or to optimize solar panel positioning. Knowing these details can make a big difference in scheduling and energy efficiency.

Time Zone Details

When your app spans across the globe, you need correct time zone information. Navigator’s Sextant gives you time zone data tied to geographic coordinates, ensuring your app’s time calculations are spot on.

Easy to Use

Our API is user-friendly and comes with thorough documentation and support. It’s designed to fit into your project smoothly, whether it’s an advanced augmented reality application or a basic mapping tool.

Start Your Skyward Journey

Navigator’s Sextant is your portal to a world of astronomical data. Unlock new opportunities and elevate your user experience to new heights. The sky’s just the starting point with Navigator’s Sextant at your disposal.