Grill the Marten

The app “Grill den Marder” is a game that puts you in the role of a mischievous marten causing havoc in a fictional neighborhood. Your goal is to disable as many cars as possible by crawling into their engine compartments and chewing through cables. However, you must be cautious of cars equipped with the Marder Protection SENSOR 737, which can penalize you and your marten friends. If you do encounter a protected car, you can regain your health by scavenging in trash cans, which either replenish your life energy or increase your score.

The game also includes challenges like chasing cats away to earn more points and avoiding motorcyclists during their nocturnal outings. You’re tasked with achieving the highest score to compete with friends, seeing who can disable the most cars and earn the most points while navigating the risks, including the potential penalty from the Marder Protection SENSOR 737.

Features of the game include easy-to-learn gameplay, addictive high-score pursuits, charming graphics with detailed animations, and an original music and sound design that harks back to old classics. Additionally, the game promotes an actual product, the Marder Protection SENSOR 737, which is available in real life to protect cars from martens.

Bosun’s Water Check

Bosun’s Water Check API is a specialized tool designed for detecting water bodies at specific global coordinates, catering to developers, geographers, and geospatial enthusiasts. It offers a user-friendly, intuitive design that’s easy to integrate, ensuring that developers of varying skill levels can utilize it in their projects. The API stands out for its high accuracy in water detection and provides comprehensive data, including details from the corresponding OpenStreetMap tile.

The API is versatile and can be used for various applications such as enhancing route planning for navigation systems, creating accurate maritime environments in gaming, aiding in the creation of visual simulations, and conducting detailed geospatial analysis.

Navigator’s Sextant

Navigator’s Sextant API is a tool for applications needing solar positions and twilight data, ideal for navigation and augmented reality. It provides real-time sun path tracking, sunrise, sunset, and precise twilight times for planning activities in sync with natural light. The API also delivers essential day length and solar noon information, as well as accurate time zone data for global applications. With easy integration and comprehensive support, Navigator’s Sextant is a versatile asset for developers looking to enrich their apps with accurate astronomical insights.

Navigator’s Routing

Navigator’s Routing is an API service designed to provide maritime route planning functionality. It generates a sequence of GPS coordinates that plot a navigational course between two points across water bodies. The service offers varying levels of route detail, from simple overviews to comprehensive waypoints, catering to different application requirements. It calculates the total distance of the planned route and is primarily intended for use in software applications for logistics planning, maritime simulation, and route optimization tasks.

Work in progress

Train Driver Valley

Train Driver Valley is an engaging game that lets you become a train driver and build a transportation empire within a picturesque valley. The game combines simulation with exploration, inviting you to interact with locals, take on contracts to transport goods, and progressively build and customize your fleet. As you develop relationships and expand your operations, you’ll be able to construct factories and influence the valley’s economy. Currently in Early Access, the game offers players a chance to contribute to the development process, providing feedback to refine the game experience.


A web app for boat drivers or people that want to be, supporting in the process of learning and doing necessary exam’s. Focussing the german market.