Words from our founder


I am Alexander Siemer-Schmetzke, the proud founder and CEO of Kilo Moana. My journey to the helm of this company is as unique as the digital solutions we create. Before my foray into the software industry, my compass was set on the vastness of the seas—I studied nautics, a discipline that promised a future guiding majestic ships across the globe. But as the tides of passion are wont to do, they carried me towards a different horizon—software development. It was a field that had fascinated me since childhood when I first glimpsed the magic of programming in BASIC on a Commodore 64, a gift from my father.

This transition from navigating oceans to navigating code wasn’t just a shift in career paths; it was a fusion of worlds. My tenure began at Funatics, a games studio where I worked alongside the architects of my childhood dreams, contributing to legendary titles like ‘The Settlers’ and helping to craft the ‘Cultures’ franchise. There, I was not just an engineer or a developer; I was a storyteller, a creator, a dreamer in code.

The quest for new challenges led me to InnoGames, where I took part in building a centralized tech department—pioneering the frameworks that would empower games to enchant and engage millions.

And now, with Kilo Moana, I come full circle, combining my lifelong love for the ocean’s depths with my passion for gaming and software development. Kilo Moana stands as a beacon of innovation, a synthesis of the navigational spirit of the sea and the boundless potential of technology. We’re not just developers; we are modern-day explorers, creating digital experiences that connect, inspire, and stand the test of time.

Join us as we set sail into the future of technology, with user-centric solutions that anchor in reliability and soar on the winds of imagination.

Fair winds and following seas,

Alexander Siemer-Schmetzke

Founder and CEO, Kilo Moana

Our Company name is our culture

The name “Kilo Moana” is of Hawaiian origin, where “kilo” means “to observe, to watch, or to forecast,” and “moana” translates to “ocean” or “sea.” In traditional Hawaiian culture, a kilo is someone who observes natural signs to predict weather or navigate the sea. Moana, the ocean, is a central element in Hawaiian life, representing vastness, depth, and a source of life and adventure.

Observation and Forecasting (Kilo):

  • In software development, much like the kilo who watches the signs of nature, developers must observe user behaviors, market trends, and technological advancements to forecast needs and innovations. The observation skills tie in closely with creating user-centric designs and anticipating future market requirements.

Vastness and Depth (Moana):

  • The ocean metaphorically represents the expansive and deep possibilities in the software world. Just as the sea holds profound mysteries and resources, the field of software development is replete with unexplored areas, deep layers of complexity, and vast opportunities for impact.

Navigation and Exploration:

  • Just as a navigator explores the ocean, developers explore the vast digital landscape. They chart courses through complex problem-solving and navigate through code to create streamlined and efficient software solutions.

Adaptability and Fluidity:

  • The sea is ever-changing, adaptable yet powerful — qualities that are essential in software development. Technologies evolve, requirements shift, and user needs change, requiring developers to be adaptable and fluid in their approach to creating software.

Sustainability and Ecosystem:

  • Oceans support diverse ecosystems; similarly, software development supports diverse systems and solutions. Creating sustainable software is like maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem — it requires balance, interconnectivity, and respect for all components involved.

Depth of Expertise:

  • Just as the depth of the ocean can be awe-inspiring, the depth of expertise required for proficient software development can be equally extensive. “Kilo Moana” suggests a profound mastery and deep understanding of technology and software.

Life-Giving Source:

  • The ocean is a life-giving force, just as software is now a critical element in modern life. Software solutions bring efficiency, convenience, and enablement to personal and professional realms, much like the ocean brings resources and sustenance.

Harmony with Environment:

  • A successful navigation requires harmony with the ocean’s rhythms. In software development, this translates to creating solutions that harmonize with user needs and the technological ecosystem, ensuring a seamless and integrated experience.

In conclusion, “Kilo Moana” is a name that embodies observation, depth, exploration, and adaptability. It is highly fitting for a company steeped in the fluid and expansive world of software development, suggesting a profound connection to the environment (user base and technology) and the ability to navigate the complex, ever-changing seas of digital innovation.