Tram driving learning simulator


I’ve just started to create the essentials for a tram driving learning simulator. The main purpose will not be to drive a tram, it will be an easy solution to learn all things beside driving. The finished version will test the user in traffic rules, signal knowledge and general tram operation of different types.

My intention in coding this program is to try and learn a bit. There are already some interesting things implemented.

– realistic turning over the trams axes
– procedurally generated track / mesh on top of my waypointing system (was very interesting to implement)
– custom shader which I used to display the different tram light states

The biggest problem on creating a useful learning utility is to design the 3d environment (especially a tram with a usable cockpit).

Unity Pixel City – Starting out

Hi there,

a few days ago I saw a few isometric pixel art (City) pictures. I loved them. In every corner, at every pixel you are able to see interesting settings and scenes. Especially the works of NASC and the eBoy team are really amazing.

So I searched stores, steam and the web for games in this style (because there is so much potential to build something cool) but the only really good things to find are the really old ones.

Ok that is the point where I have to start my own :-D. My main priority for the first target is to simulate a small part of a city. Citizens going to their jobs, going back home, day and night cycles, etc.

For the first graphics I just painted a few really simple buildings. My priority is to simulate the city as accurate as possible. For now there is nothing much to see yet but I hope you like it anyway. The next update in progress will come soon.